4/4/09 - A change in look and feel.... The new Site

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kg7hq Sat, 02/14/2009 - 07:51

Information on the kg7hq.wetnet.net site upgrade....


All good things can be improved on. This goes for the KG7HQ website. Like my host, wetnet.net, I'm going through several upgrades on this site. As I move forward with it, you will notice the changes in look and feel. There is an increased potential for you as the end user as these new items come on line.

One of these improvements is the addition of the interactive APRS pages. This allows for you to not only see activity in a specific area, but also to drag, zoom and gain additional information. If there is an additional area in the Pacific Northwest you would like to see posted, please drop me a line.

Another item added is a ionospheric map page to show current propagation and aurora maps focusing on North America. This and other information I'm gathering will provide an enhanced experience for the users of this website.

All the hyper-links have been moved and verified off the old site onto this one. With this, I have added many additional links in support of the communications hobby.

As I get a handle on things, you will also be able to submit items of interest for posting and comments by others. This will only be enabled for verified registered individuals on this new site design. Your old registration has been deleted to help on a more secured system. I will verify each and every individual to prevent attempts on unauthorized spamming or hacking.

Best of 73's

Michael - KG7HQ