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k7ip Mon, 11/09/2009 - 12:42

For Bob KD7NM

For those of you who knew Bob Donnell, KD7NM, none of this will be news.

Bob was as close to a selfless individual as I've ever come. In the fifteen years or so that I was privileged to know him, I never knew Bob to refuse assistance of any kind to anyone. He just seemed to feel that it was his job in life to share himself as much and as often as he could. Just looking at the number and scope of things he was involved in in the Puget Sound area is testament to that life of service.

Bob's imagination seemed boundless. It was he that first proposed that the K7IP Wetnet Field Day operation try a rhombic, and it was Bob who was really the chief operator for the contest effort. Every year that we met for FD, Bob had a new idea to try, something to help improve our operation a bit. Whether it was a new antenna idea (like the Bruce array that worked so well this past year), or new filters to keep qrm to a minimum, he always had something in the back of his car for us to try. And if there was a piece of something missing, you could count on it being in that wonderful mobile parts inventory that his Durango held.

Bob was my technical mentor. When it came to engineering, Bob had volumes of knowledge seemingly at the tip of his tongue and always carefully researched and accurate. I felt privileged on so many occasions to read his comments or hear him speak on a subject.

There will never be anyone to replace Bob. It is so incredibly rare to encounter an individual of his worth in this day and age. My life is the better for his friendship, and I will always be grateful of that and to have been able to share his life and have him in mine.

Goodbye my good friend.