A Trip To The Store

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k7ip Thu, 08/13/2009 - 04:47

I have discovered that Skagit-Whatcom Electronics may be the best kept electronic secret in the Puget Sound area. I get Costco-like behavior whenever I go in there - by that, I mean that I usually have in mind one $5 or $6 part that I need, and come out with $30 worth of things that I will find useful. Yesterday was just such a day. Looking for an adapter, I came away with a bag of parts and tools that I had been meaning to buy for weeks but just never got around to ordering on-line.

Yes, I know that's called impulse buying - but the point here is that S-W has the inventory of wonderful goodies that promotes it. In the pre-Tandy era, Lafayette Radio and "The Shack" (I REALLY hate that no-substance, computer generation lowbrow naming promotional crap) were the same way. There were a lot of surplus places around, too, that you could browse bins of resistors, caps, pots, inductors, individual useful tools, bits of wire...

The closest other store with that same kind of cachet is Vetco in Bellevue. Skagit-Whatcomb is special though..who would have thought you could find a store that pretty much has everything electronic you need in a small town? Is Skagit County a secret hotbed of electronic knowledge and construction activity?

It's a retail store, to be sure, and you can beat the prices at practically any on-line electronic supplier, but you can't carry the goodies home the same day. By the time you factor in shipping, it's actually cheaper to buy local. Go visit this place!

Skagit Whatcom Electronics
620 West Division
Mount Vernon, WA 98273