5/31/09 - Some Additions added to the Site.

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kg7hq Sun, 05/31/2009 - 06:09

As with ay web site, one has to keep it up to speed.

As I get inputs from users around the world in addition to my own web browsing, there are some nice little trinkets that can be easily added. Towards the bottom of the "Ionospheric Propagation Maps" page, I have added in a couple of indicators from the DXrobot and MMMonVHF websites. These give quick indications to propagation conditions in reference to aurora and E-Skip conditions.

My thought is not to recreate the cool items on the world wide web but to have them conveniently located on a single site for users to easily reference.

In additional to the above, I am working on a DX Spot page. I have a working model in place but am having issues with it's "look" under this site CSS template. So in street talk... It looks like *&^$&^$)!!!

Oh..... That reminds me! Did you know that I have multiple templates enabled for a "Logged In User"? This is to allow you change the look of this site under your profile. A good example is that you can view this site with a white background for those having troubles with the dark themes. This is a feature added for your improved user experience.

Well, I better stop rambling on (Like we hams ever do that!). Till next time, best of 73 and good DX.