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Hello and welcome to the KG7HQ Website!

Now evolved to it's fourth generation using a content management system (CMS) called Drupal 7, allowing for a highly customizable website. Within, I have added some cool items to play with along with supporting information and links. Since I enjoy communications as a hobby, I tend not to focus into any one specific area but instead span it across many different disciplines. This site is in continuous growth as I find additional cool things around the world to support this interest. Please feel free to snoop around and play. If you have a supporting suggestion, drop an e-mail to my callsign at arrl.net.

I have been an active radio enthusiast since the early 1970s starting out as a Short Wave listener on an old Knight receiver that my father gave me. Since then I have expanded my horizons into the many different facets of amateur radio and the radio communications hobby.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have assumed the roles and responsibilities of Assistant Director, Technical Specialist and a Volunteer Examiner, Nothwest Division, ARRL. I enjoy operating CW, SSB, FM, AM and Digital Mode technologies on the bands from 33cm through 80 Mtrs both base and mobile. With having a solid background in RF propagation and digital communications, I enjoy assisting others with their station setups. This station is powered by open source software.

In addition, I also assist with RFI/EMI complaints and/or problems. Whether we are tracing down powerline noise or assisting with complaints of interference, I try to render assistnace towards a resolution.

I'm a charter member of the Pacific Northwest VHF Society (Member C102). I highly recommend joining this group if you have interests in long disitance VHF and UHF communications. This is a great group with a wide range of knowledge.

Currently I am hosting an APRS digi-peater (SEDRO) at my residence in support of the APRS users in East Central Skagit County. Coverage has expanded east to include up to the City of Rockport. The frequency is 144.390 @ 1200 bd. I also deploy an APRS mobile with the call of kg7hq-7, use my Nokia N810 for portable APRS as KG7HQ-12 and now both my Android Phone and Tablet as KG7HQ-10. All can be tracked by clicking this link. Please feel free to drop me a line if you track me out and about or on the road.

QSL Direct, Bureau or eqsl.cc (Sorry, I don't personally use LOTW). SWL Reports welcomed.

Professionally, I'm employed by the Boeing Company as an Employee Development Specialist, focusing on avionic/aircraft electrical systems, skills and technologies. I proudly served as a Navy Reservist, retiring after 25.5 years, 1 October 2005, with a commissioned grade specializing in avionic technologies. To view my professional profile, please visit my Linkedin Page

Please feel free to contact me about amateur radio. I have attached this QRCode with my contact information for your convenience

Michael - KG7HQ

Inside Amateur Radio

Amateur radio, commonly called "ham radio", is a hobby enjoyed by many people throughout the world. A snapshot in time at the end of 2012 reveals over an all-time high of almost 710,000 in the USA alone.

A holder of an Amateur Radio license has studied and passed required tests in his or her country and been issued a call sign by its government. This call sign is unique to the operator and is often a source of pride.

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